well hello

well hello

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Inspiration ?

My mind thunders a response
to an unspoken question
I must have accidentally asked..
This unwelcome interruption strikes
my silence and victimizes my voice.
Every fruitless attempt is a failure.
Let these influences destroy me,
sure, but I still have the
choice to overcome.
With effort, my mind
motivates my muscles to move
efficiently, and I tip-toe
carefully towards the end

Monday, April 28, 2008

Today is Pink

Floyd day, at least to me. The Dark Side of the Moon is an amazing collection of songs, I am really enjoying this relaxed feeling that has sunk over me, like a cool splash of water on a hot day, a gentle breeze tickling my sandy toes on the beach, a refreshing drink after doing the dishes. It is the payoff for all things normal and routine. It is the prize for the perpetually worked, a feast for the ears, an unexpected gift just because. It is the first sip of my second cup of coffee, when I start to feel alive and awake and suddenly renewed, joyous to spot the sun rising again. Because thank God, if it didn't, we'd all be in trouble. I need the sun to come up consistently, I count on it. Each day is a new beginning, a second chance, inspiration for appreciation.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Imagine" by john lennon is my background music

i am missing someone. i don't know who, and i don't know why. there is a dull ache echoing through my heart continuously. i am lonely, fake, and fruitless. i am sitting here by myself drinking beer; i stuffed an entire pizza for one down my throat without even tasting it. i was hungry. now i'm lonely. my neck hurts from my hunched shoulders. i don't remember being young. i feel lost. i barely remember tom. i have several addictions. blogging is not one of them.