well hello

well hello

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A poem, inspired by: "I reached into a drawer"

the orb tucked secretly away
into the depths of a bottomless drawer- the horror i faced,
withdrawing into a shiny shell like an oyster
i pose still as night, slowly, carefully
my tentative hand, (braver than me) takes
the icy cold plunge into the dense deep.
i wrap my fingers finally around it, this undulating
sacred sphere of wondrous amazement.
sizzling bolts and jets and flashes
erupted in front of my face
who knew? my jovial drawer, such a simple
part of my surroundings.
Without hesitation because i know what to do, i do.
She strolled silently by and glanced in a passing window,
never expecting the sight to behold her emerald eyes:
a white bright light, a stranger takes flight
the distant moon is closer now; she is a star.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds..

..is a great song, I must admit. Some say it could be about LSD, but seriously would the Beatles incorporate drugs in one of their hit songs? Perhaps as an attempt to appeal to the masses. Ah well. I can enjoy their music just the same. It inspires me. It opens my mind.

And here I am creating a blog. Yay. Well, people of the world, you are in for a treat. A teensy glimpe into this warped mind which I call my own. Give me ten minutes of your time, please. But to be perfectly honest I don't expect that for a second. You see nobody ever actually asks about me. That is, no one really talks to me or asks me questions and has any kind of care about what my answers could be. This is a fact.

Another fact: I made it this way. This is alright, but at times I start to resent this moat around me. I don't feel lonely 24/7. I just surround myself with other vices like weed, candy, alcohol, porn even? A good book, a decent movie, a vague conversation, an imagined exchange with a dream man? or woman?

Secrets, secrets my world has many. I like it this way; I need to keep things to myself because sharing everything, opening my heart for others, attempting to rid my mind...none of it works. At this, I must end my night. But first, a checklist:

1. I am grateful that I made it home safely; no car wreck, flat tire, empty gas tank, etc..
2. I am grateful that I hung out with Nick, for he is very attractive, ambitious, and dreamy.
3. I am grateful that my family is here and alive.
4. I am grateful that Brian and Christina weren't hurt by the tornado in Atl.
5. I am grateful that my car is still running. This is a blessing because I need my car and I am thankful I have one.

Please God watch over my family and friends and Scott. Please allow Scott and Marisa to be together now.

(I'm sorry for mentioning God in such a casual context. If you want to go there, know this: I do believe that he sees and hears all).