well hello

well hello

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A poem about love lost

forget it there's no going back
we can't go back
we won't be friends don't call me
not interested in what you gotta say
don't want to know what goes on now

run away from it all
that might actually work for you
too much here
too much keeps you here, your obligation
to me was scarce, so i
kept you at arm's length the whole time
and you'll never know

you'd blame, intimidate, manipulate, confuse
i could play that game--
way better than you don't forget it
give me the chance, i'd bounce
all over again, like a heartbeat
faster till we fall, no faith in that game
its a sad thing

now you're there and i'm better
doing things for me now,
barely standing up straight
somehow holding my chin up
it's impossible..
lucky for me
i refuse to cower

but something changed,
i ponder a solitary existence
so many stars
so many sides,
tell me who is real
oh not talking to him,
never again will i roll that die

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