well hello

well hello

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

27th year on earth

Tomorrow is my birthday. Actually in one and a half hours it is my birthday. I sit here alone, drinking a beer, at 10:30PM, waiting on my neighbor C. He is in a work meeting and and I'm ready to go out for a few and sing some karaoke!

How many times can I look at my phone? This is why I hate my birthday. Because I am sitting here waiting on someone to hang out with. I hate depending on people, I hate feeling vulnerable. I hate the fact that it's getting later by the minute and I'm still sitting here and I've got to wake mad early for work.

Yes, I'm working tomorrow though I am leaving early. Ugh, thank god for alcohol. My nerves are fucking shot.

In other news, this blog has started to nosedive. It's just not a priority for me to write lately (for like the past year). Writing used to calm me and inspire me. Now I don't even think of it. I don't bother basically because I don't believe in myself.

Pity party for one.
Well he just texted me,
looks like we're going.

Peace people. I love you all, even if I don't always love myself.

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