well hello

well hello

Thursday, February 23, 2012

eff you see kay

J. and I broke up.

Still waiting on my Dad's biopsy results.

No new car yet.

My heart aches, it's broke.

Today: 2 small slices of toasted bread. 1 apple. 1 banana.

Nothing more. My stomach is burning with sickness. My vision is blurred. I am so so sad, and so not hungry.


lolita said...

am so sorry about the break up...i can understand how u feel, went through the same thing last month, but it gets slightly better...and thats better than nothing right?xx

Holdin27 said...

Woof, sorry baby girl. My ex left me for someone else while my mom had breast cancer, so I've been there. Just take it minute to minute, day to day and then slowly, it starts getting better. But right now sure is shitty. I hope your dad is ok, try to be as positive as possible around him, it makes a big difference.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the break up. It's such a painful thing to go through. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

You used to be such a good writer. I think you are burning your brain out with drugs. Sad, it is ruining your intellect and writing ability. Sad for you :(