well hello

well hello

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My life has more in store

It's been two years. A long time, really...since the fire. The fucking stupid fire that put me at a crossroads that I've resented ever since. Today is the "anniversary". It's also just another day. I'm getting ready for work.

It's funny how work becomes your life. Day in, day out with the same people, doing the same things. Sometimes on the weekend I panic due to lack of routine. I'm off tomorrow (for Easter) and while I'm happy about it, I'm also wondering WTF am I going to do? Oh yeah, my taxes. I've been putting them off and the due date grows ever closer.

My stomach has felt sick for days. We found out that my Dad is definitely having an 8 hour surgery that will keep him in the hospital for up to 2 weeks. I'm pretty worried about him. I'm sick of stress.

Haven't seen ex J. in awhile, which is good and helping me get over him. Remember back in like December when I confided in you that I have a tiny workplace crush on a cute boy? Well I still do, and checking him out during the day is a wonderful distraction.

I really don't think he's "interested", I just think there is a small slight attraction. Whatever, it's fun.

The 10 pounds I lost after my breakup have mostly stayed off, but I've allowed myself to gain one or two this week (coinciding coincidentally with period week). Isn't that strange? I actually felt "too thin"...all my jeans were hanging off me and it looked bad! So right now I'm at 135 and I feel ok with it...for now. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to lose the weight, but I also like having an ass and boobs.

Have a peaceful day.


Anonymous said...

I know...work is so horribly monotonous. Same thing every day for ever and ever. I enjoy my free weekends although I do sometimes have that feeling of ...what do I do?

Stick Thin said...

Most men like ass and boobs.

I am sorry about your Dad. I can't imagine that. I hope things go well. And I hope you found something to do on your day off