well hello

well hello

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I feel so.

That feeling. Maybe they don't actually want what's best for you. Maybe they just want you to fulfill their lives unmet expectations and goals. Maybe they are secretly sabotaging you. Maybe they hate you, maybe they hate that you're pretty and smart and externally confident. Maybe they hate themselves. Maybe they wish they were divorced and dating anew. Maybe they didn't really want kids but thought they should conform. Maybe they dropped you as a child and live with the guilt. Maybe they fed you orange Hi-C in your little kid cup or sweets for snacks because of their ignorance. Maybe they have no idea how to be a parent, even though you are their 3rd. Maybe they truly don't know what they're doing to you. Maybe they know but maybe they don't give any kind of shit.

*Looking for a bridge to jump off*

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