well hello

well hello

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Day

New Year, New Me!

It's currently 7AM and I'm dressed, drinking coffee, and eating two potato pancakes for breakfast. I'll leave for my new job in about 40 minutes. I'm nervous as fuck but also excited! I like new things, I enjoy a challenge...I will EXCEL!

New Years Eve was a really fun night! No midnight kiss for me but celebrating with my closet friends was pretty great! The bands sounded amazing, the champagne was flowing, and I looked super sexy and slim, so you know I was feeling confident!

As for J...we don't know where we stand necessarily, but it felt good to let him know I still care. I know he does too! We shall see what happens, but I am feeling positive that this year will be lucky! The possibilities are literally endless!!

Wish me luck, I've had a lot of first days lately but I think this one will work out! It's a hefty commute (30 minutes - maybe more, in traffic) so I'll end this now to finish getting ready, lots of love to you!



Miranda said...

Here is to a new year and a fresh start. Good luck at your first day of the new job!

Aye Ell said...

I hope your job has gone well! Starting a new job is always exciting (even if a bit nerve-racking).
Also, congratulations on your guitar! I love playing music. I have played the guitar for about 15 years now (which also makes me feel old that I have been doing ANYTHING for 15 years) and I would suggest a few things:

If you want to learn songs, learn a G chord, a D chord and a C chord. You can play about a thousand different songs with those three chords alone.

Also, learn to read tabs. I play a lot of instruments but never figured out how to read music. I play mostly by ear but learned to read guitar tabs as that gives me a good start and basic ones are pretty easy to read. Easier than regular sheet music.

Also, learn a few scales. Don't try to tackle them all at once, but if you take one and spend some time getting it down, it gets easier as you go.

Hope that was helpful. Good luck!