well hello

well hello

Saturday, August 10, 2013


It's Saturday afternoon and I'm feeling alright.
I woke early to feed the cat then fell back into a fitful sleep.

I had a dream that started with me and C. kissing, then I was with him in his house, arguing, picking up food off the counters and throwing it to the floor...then screaming and crying, "does our friendship even matter to you?". Things went dark and light again and I was running down the crowded street behind him and we ended up in Mighty Taco about to order food, so casual.

I woke up, heart beating fast, and texted him to see if he wants to watch the meteor shower tonight. He does. We will see each tonight for the first time in almost a week - a record for us, as we have been hanging tons. We live super close since I've moved to the city.

I don't know what the dream meant other then the food symbolism spread throughout. That's pretty easy to decipher.

C. and I are good friends and I don't dream about him often. He is on my mind a lot and we text a lot, including last night before I went to sleep. He asked me to hang, I didn't get back to him. He said "very well. good night." I didn't respond.

I'm a game player when I want to be and I suppose I felt guilty last night, as I was laying there alone in bed with the knowledge of my silence. I think my dream reflected flying emotions and a physical proximity we literally haven't shared in a week.

My skin itches. Does your skin ever itch?? I use so much lotion, organic lotion even! Any homemade cures for itchy skin you can share?

I just was itching my thighs when I took a sip of water and spilled it everywhere.

Needless to say, I am high.

Is this all I do?

No, no. It has been a good summer. I have had some sweet experiences lately. Things I don't bother writing about because this blog is not a day to day life log.
It's strictly Sar feelings. And thoughts, words, paragraphs, complaints, sometimes pictures, etc. Whatever I see fit!

This space is undefined.
As am I.

The Kinks "Sunny Afternoon" just came on pandora. Fucking sweet, I love this song.

Peace, people.

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Aye Ell said...

How long has your skin been itching? I don't want to jump to conclusions because I get dry skin that often itches, but it is usually relieved by proper moisturizing. Itchy skin can be a sign of internal problems with your liver of kidneys. That's probably not what it is for you, but if it is a chronic problem, you might want to get it checked out. Could also be a lack of healthy fats in the diet.