well hello

well hello

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eat, run, puke...

Enough said.

I'm in a danger zone. I hate puking but I hate the way food sits in my stomach. Today I woke up and had breakfast/lunch (you decide, it was 2 pm) (some veggie lasagna [290 cal], watermelon [50], some organic blue corn chips with melted cheese [350] - gross, fat pig, disgusting trainwreck, obese tub of lard), walked and ran on my parent's treadmill for about twenty minutes [burnt exactly 200 calories then quit-I'm out of shape], and lastly, calmly walked to the bathroom and stuck my fingers down my throat and threw up red watermelon and maybe some lasagna. God damn I'm fucking losing it.

And so that's it. I like puking because it hurts my throat and my stomach and now I won't dare eat anything else. What I think I'll do is shower and go shopping. This should keep me occupied to approximately nine tonight, when I'll come back home and read.

I liked hitting up the treadmill today, now that I know how easy it is to use I will be accessing it daily. I just watched music videos and the time flew by, but I have smoker's lungs and I was practically dying...I kept it up as long as possible but luckily the commotion just made my stomach ready for purging.

Sorry this is so graphic. I'm a mess.

T. is officially "In a relationship with J." on Facebook. Remember T.? I'm sure you do...he's a bastard and I hope their sex life is SHIT and that SHE dumps HIM !!!

I'm so cold, such a cold-hearted bitch.

But not everyone thinks so. I even have an *admirer*...this dude J. who has been sending me sweet emails. Well whatever, it's flattering, even though I barely know him. He has good grammar and a nice way with words, which I obviously appreciate (English major/geeky me)...so we'll see...maybe I'll give him a chance, maybe I won't. Either way I clearly still want T.
Even more so now that he's taken.

I'm sure you can relate to that.

Think thin.

Here's another pic of me, taken at the same time as the other one I posted:

Stay skinny, lovelies...



emm. said...

You're so very skinny! I have to suck in my stomach just to look like you do!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I can't run worth shit because of how much I smoke. Oh and you look lovely! (:

Stick Thin said...

Sorry about the puking :(
I hate T.
Where did you meet this new admirer?
Your arms are so lovely i'm uber jealous of you Sar.

Can't wait to hear from you soon

Cally C. said...

You're lovely.