well hello

well hello

Monday, December 9, 2013

Back on track

Good morning.

Last time I checked in with you I was feeling FAT but I did great on thanksgiving! Lots of delicious salad filled my plate. No potatoes, turkey, stuffing, or gravy. (LOVE being a vegetarian). I even woke up the next day feeling quite thin!! But then my debit card was hacked so I was super sad and scared and proceeded to binge my weekend away. =(

Luckily, working two jobs and being broke equals me going down a size in a week. I'm not quite where I want to be, but I'm hell of a lot closer than I was.

The jobs are going alright. I'm fighting off sickness. Still haven't paid rent but I was actually in another car accident so I should be getting some money. That will help. I've been stressed. I've had zero appetite. Just so tired.

2013 is almost over. Crazy. Stay strong people, and keep your eyes on the prize! I'm thinking thin today, how about you?

ps I've fallen back in love with Lose It on my smart phone. It REALLY helps me see what I'm eating and it breaks down your day to show you the percentage of fat and carb grams. This is essential for weight loss. Prior to taking control back, my fat percentage was a tad...up. Now I'm keeping it low.

I can't wait to finally have spending money again. I'm buying a scale for sure.


Miranda said...

Lose it is my best friend!!! It won't be long before you are back on track with money and everything else.

Aye Ell said...

I'm jealous of your thanksgiving control! I definitely didn't have it this Thanksgiving.