well hello

well hello

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Help yourself to some drugs

I'm officially medicated. Two days in. Who knows if it will help. I was scaring the hell out of myself last night reading some of the comments about side effects. Needless to say, nothing else has worked. My unraveling has become such that people are starting to notice. The nurse was so concerned as I described my depression over the phone they scheduled me for an office visit and the doctor practically begged me to help myself with drugs. I've been receiving messages from worried people. My energy is "off" and ice cold and do I want a free Reiki session? I might take advantage.

A week ago, I bought myself some internet for this apartment. Basic as it gets but it helps. I am typing this in my underwear, in the coolness of my basement level home on a high 80 degree day. I am taking a break from cleaning. There is always something to clean. I am going canoeing with D. in a little while. Going to finish my tea and rearrange the bedroom.

More later.



Bella said...

Good luck. I hope they help you. A free reiki season sounds pretty great though tbh. A close friend of mine is a shaman and wanted to work with ayahuasca with me to help my depression... Pretty sure it'd make me lose what's left of my mind.

Truth of adulting: there is always, ALWAYS, something to clean.

Good to see an update from you :)


Stick Thin said...

Good luck! I am sure they will be helpful. There have been a few times that I've gone on anti depressants and it was worth it.

If people are offering help, maybe take it? It's always hard for me to accept help but it can definitely benefit you.