well hello

well hello

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just sitting here, waiting.

and waiting I shall do. I drank a small Tim Hortons coffee about 2 hours ago and I am positive it will keep me awake and wired for a while. My hair looks perfect, my skin is smooth and shaved, I want to get laid. My question for YOU is why the heck would you bother calling me and telling me you are on your way back to town if you are going to completely BLOW ME OFF?? Seriously, why? I just don't get it. It gets to me, and I think you understood that about me before I did.

That last post is killer. I was beyond any kind of comfort, just rereading those words puts a little ache in my heart and pain in my back.

Ah school. I had a paper due thursday. I didn't do it, didn't go to class, didn't email my professor, nothing. Fucking slacker. Why do I think I can get away with this stuff? Pretty pathetic when I think about it. I haven't started it yet, obviously, but I will. I have another paper that is due the tuesday after Spring Break. Ha! That one is going to be a lot harder. I literally just laughed out loud at the thought of writing it. Fuck.


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