well hello

well hello

Thursday, June 23, 2011

So I passed my drug test and the job is MINE! I will not mess this up.

I've been seeing N.

He is friends with my ex and he lives about 35 minutes away, but he's cuddly and kind and he thinks I'm amazingly sexy. I am unsure how I feel, I am taking things day by day, minute by minute. I am attracted to him, a little. I am much more attracted to the mental stimulation he provides. He is incredibly smart.

My weight is still a constant source of terrified hysteria. I am never comfortable with myself. I'm always too big, too much. Too tall, too fat, too soft, too everything but too thin. I have a feeling I will never be too thin. I am ridiculously lazy and embarrassingly content with staying how I am, which is thin with a bit of curve.


I'm hungry, it's 1:30 and I want to eat.
Instead I'll sip this ice water and continue to procrastinate the inevitable.

I can't wait to get on a routine with work. I'll be working second shift...any advice on getting through that time of day on barely any food?

Think thin, lovelies :-)


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