well hello

well hello

Monday, June 13, 2011

Well I got a job, full time, with benefits.

The only caveat?

I must pass a drug test on Thursday. FUCK. I was hoping to smoke tonight :(

Any advice?


Anonymous said...

My advice...don't smoke and get the job.

Aye Ell said...

My best advice:

1) Don't smoke tonight. It's not worth it.

2) Get a good B-Complex supplement and take that every day and drink LOTS and LOTS of water. It won't get stuff completely out of your system, but you stand a better chance. Do you know what kind of test it is? Piss test? Cause if it's saliva, you've got nothing to worry about. Those are the easiest. They can barely detect MJ from 24 hrs prior. But if it's a piss test it is much harder. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

drink tons of water and go get a cleanse at a head shop! you can also by a home drug test to see where your at. Have a glass of wine.

Clear Girl said...

also aspirin taken a little while before can create a false thc negative (aka you show up as negative when you've smoked)