well hello

well hello

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Days of late

Sunday evening. It rained on and off today, I've shifted from one spot in the house to the other, usually sitting. My bed covers are half done in the wash. I am showered and fed. I am stoned. I am probably going to blow some bucks at Target shortly. I'd like some more clothes, new pillows, and I'll take a look at the totes.

Last night was fun and very relaxing. I just chilled with my bestie. We were planning to attend an outdoor concert but it got rained out. So we went to the casino for a few drinks and to try our luck with the slots. I lost $10 and promptly cut myself off. We ended up at the grocery store and drunkenly walked the aisles looking for munchies. We were talking to a cop. We went back to her house and smoked some pot, played Wii, sat out in the gazebo and talked and drank for hours...it was splendid.

Except for the sheer amount of calories I consumed. I feel fat and disgusting today. It didn't help at all that we ate so late. I did not properly digest before hitting the couch to pass out.

I love that her and I were able to catch up. We I needed it.
I guess I'm not feeling very expressive. I am talked out.

Here's to a successful restriction from here on out.



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