well hello

well hello

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Picking up the pieces of my most recent impulse

I have three days at work left. I called in "sick" yesterday and spent the day poolside, drinking wine with a close friend. I'll go back today with my head held high. I believe that my coworkers are thinking less of me by the day, which is actually just fine. They can think what they want, I refuse to live my life based on fears of how others perceive me. 

I have not yet found another job but I will. I feel like quitting is helping me lose weight. It's now becoming apparent that I was stress-eating/binging after work because of a deep unhappiness, perhaps at a subconscious level, which could explain why it took 14 months of working in manufacturing hell for me to realize

The hunger at night is just not there. I'm focusing on the next three days and then freedom is mine to relish. I can almost taste it, if only one could taste the intangible. If only one had working taste-buds. Smoking kills.

On a lighter note...

Do you like of Montreal? I've had "Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?" on repeat lately. I'd love to see them live. 

My brain senses it's time to shower and get ready for work. Three days, God help me, let me make it. I've had my coffee and breakfast, it's time. You can do this. So can you. You can also be as thin as the women in these pictures. So can I.

It just takes discipline and desire. In that order. Peaceful thoughts, positive vibes. Love and lust. Te Amo. Merci beaucoup. You're welcome.




have I lost it?

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