well hello

well hello

Monday, February 25, 2013

Let the Sunshine in

That glorious moment in the dressing room with a couple pairs of pants, sizes two and four. They both fit. I go with the four because the size twos remind me of leggings, they cling to my leg fat. Leg fat? Girl you fit in a size two. That's one size away from zero.

I weigh less and look thinner. I'm in my high school weight range. Interesting. The correlation between starting my job and losing the weight is somewhat clear, though I've been on this journey for awhile.

There are two women at my work. They are so unbelievably thin. They are thinspiration, so close, five days a week. I wonder if they notice me.

I'm moving in four days. I am about a quarter of the way packed. I'm SO excited!

I won't have internet for awhile, which seriously sucks. I have no idea how to get it, it's always been included with my rent in apartments prior. Any advice on this?

J. and I continue to see each other. Things are going good and I have hope that this could last. He visited me at work on my lunch break today and brought a single red rose. He asked me if I knew what it meant. I said no. It means true love. To me, it is just a flower. If you love me, J., tell me.

Thank you, Miranda, for the sweet comment about my big move. You and I could be kindred spirits.

It's almost midnight, and I have to wake at six. Good night.


Aye Ell said...

Usually the area you live in has a couple of common internet service providers. You just have to find out what they are (century link, mediacom, Idk, depends where you are) and then find out what service you want (faster speeds = faster page loads/better quality videos = more expensive). Sometimes internet companies have introductory prices so pay attention to that. The price might be temporary and could be huge after the introductory price runs out (usually 6 months to a year). You can always call the company and talk to some one and find out what their prices are and then once you decide on one, they will either mail you a router or whatever you need to set it up and if you don't know how to set it up they will send some one out to set it up for you.
It's not a terrible process, just usually take a little while. Don't be afraid to ask questions. And ask around if you know people in the area what service providers they use and how they like it.

NeoHippie said...

How exciting. I love moving! I actually like packing and unpacking and organizing. You could just google the internet providers for your area, and give them all a call. That's ironic, using the internet to get internet.

Phantasmagorical Delusion said...

Wow, have I missed reading your blog! I haven't been around consistently in so long. Recovery, pregnancy, a slide into alcoholism and a full time job writing from home... But I'm glad I ventured back to check in on a few of my girls. So many have left, just like I did. But you're still here. <3

Stay lovely, darling.