well hello

well hello

Sunday, July 28, 2013

You've crossed my mind today a time or two

Well the concert was absolutely freaking amazing. And last night C. and I went out and hooked up. Today I am numbing myself because I'm just feeling so much. so much. It's scary to want, it's scary to need. The memories I've made in the past two nights ignite my spirit in such a way that I could burst...with happiness? How foreign.

Last night was so hot. I am so into C. now, it's been a slow build up - four long years of no fucking just flirtation. And friendship.

But now...we are getting somewhere. We even held hands. I can envision my ass getting laid soon. I haven't got any since J. and we've been broken up since April.

I'm super high and jamming to music. Back to work tomorrow. Back to restriction, I feel that I've ate too much this weekend. PeAce PeopLe.


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warlocksmistress said...

I'm glad you have some excitement happening in your life! I will now live vicariously through you. ;)