well hello

well hello

Saturday, December 27, 2014

BIG news

I'm pregnant.(it's D.'s).
I have an abortion scheduled next friday.

PLEASE, if you have any tips or advice, let me know.


Happy New Year to me.


K1064 said...

I've read your blog on and off for a long time. This year was the year of the baby in my life....I had 17 friends and family members getting preggo. Were they all planned, hell to the no.

I can't say that I'm pro-choice or anti-choice. However, I'm very certain I'm pro your life. Accidents happen and it's going to be a difficult situation to experience no matter what. Be proud of yourself and everything you experience and accomplish in your life. You're such an impulsive girl and having a baby is a life altering decision. If you're ready for it...GREAT! If not, we have the luxury of choices these days! : )

You have my full support. But please girl, take care of yourself. Your body is your temple...be kind to yourself. Do what is right for you! <3

Fat Piggy said...

(I was going to just go straight into a supportive comment, but now I want to start off by saying SHAME ON YOUR K1064!!! I don't think anyone takes the decision to abort a pregnancy lightly, and don't be a twat by trying to go for the 'life's little miracles' argument. sis. SHAMEFUL!)

Now I will go into my actual comment, I would say that you've made a decision now and you should make peace with that and just treat it like any other necessary medical procedure, just get it over and done with. I'm sure there will be a plethora of emotions to deal with, but at the moment trust yourself that you've made the right decision. If you need someone to hold your hand, send me a mail, zerointentions@yahoo.com. I'll have your back :) (although, I'm hoping D will be there with you.

good luck, you amazing strong warrior woman! You got this! Xo

K1064 said...

Fat Piggy...when did I ever take pregnancy lightly? If you read my comment carefully you will see that I'm not even taking a stance.
How can I when everyone's situation is different!

Jeeze...learn to interpret before you decide to shame someone on the internet. All I'm doing is supporting Sar just like you are doing.