well hello

well hello

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do you want to dance?

My titles are always song titles.

My brother is sitting at the airport, delayed and frustrated I am sure. There is nothing we can really do, we do not live close enough to come to his rescue for a few hours. I sincerely hate flight travel and anything government related, really.

Christmas eve and day are over, over, OVER! Thankfully I made it through without completely exploding, but there were a few close calls. I swear, swallowing my anger and defensive urges is hard because they eventually boil over and must erupt somewhere, on someone usually. It has been like this the past year or two, maybe three. It is really hard to say. My memory is \s h o t\. I can't recall the simplest things, I have dementia most likely, at an early age though? How could this be, unless I am the freak of nature that I suspect, therefore proving myself right, which is rare but worth it I suppose. To be right, ahh, what a feeling. I like to be right. And why not?

So uninspired. I need to change this blog around, like pick a theme and stick to it, or something more exciting/entertaining then my boring, absentminded, drug-fueled thoughts over and over. Maybe add some pictures or something. I shall figure that out later. I actually have free time right now, what I have been craving. However I do not know what to do with myself. So I guess I'll just be.

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