well hello

well hello

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yes yes yes!

Today's goal is to stay positive. Hence the title of this blog. I need to think positively, speak positive words, etc. I hate using etc. Oh crap. "Hate" is not a positive word. Ok. I prefer to describe things or thoughts rather than writing "etc"...but my mind is blank. This is more difficult than I assumed. Here is the list: I woke up alive. This is good, I did not die in my sleep (hey, it could happen). Next, I took a groggy shower. This was nice, I like hot water and smelling clean. I enjoyed a banana. Bananas are shaped like dicks. Haha. I smiled while typing that. Also, bananas are healthy. More positivity!!! I spoke to Ben. This is a good thing. I kept my tone light, and blabbed about myself. A nice morning telelphone call will start anyone's day a little better. Oh man. All these happy thoughts seem strained and forced, illegitamate and pointless. I digress. Sarah you are happy: ) You are positive! OK next, I went to class, one of my favorites: World Poetry. Class was interesting, as usual, and went by fast. However, I did show up late (whoops) and made a crazy comment. But on a positive note, I feel as though my teachers are getting used to my various eccentricities. It is part of my unique and exacting character.

Enough of this.

No matter what I do, what I try, or think, or type: this is not me. I cannot be that fake. I can be grateful yes, but my writing comes out much more natural if I stay focused on not focusing so hard!

Time for dinner with a friend, and after that I simply must MUST MUST get cracking on my paper. Seriously. Now it is due tomorrow. Now maybe I can concentrate. Hey maybe if I get it done I can see him tonight. That would be relieving. I can't think so far ahead. I know me. I will be working until four in the morning. Sigh. Get a clue. Get a life. Get some ambition. Take pride in your work and enjoyment in philosophy. You know you feel cool mentioning that it is your minor. Well maybe not cool per se, but most definitely intelligent. This was my pep talk. Time to go, live, dream, and take action!

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