well hello

well hello

Monday, September 5, 2011

Feeling alright

Thanks, loves.

I had a long talk with my mom and realized that having friends who prioritize getting drunk over me, the caring listener, the one to always keep it real, is not the end of the world.

Friends are great to have around on weekends but more importantly when you need them. I needed them tonight. I thought they knew that, I thought she (my bff) would intuitively realize this.

But how could she? I've been saying all along, "it's no big deal". Well it was, it was a pretty big damn deal. I had built up these walls of expectations and they came crashing down as I sat here with a phone that wouldn't ring.

I felt like such a loser. I'm not though. I'm doing me. I don't need people to make my birthday good. I can enrich my day myself. From now on.

September fourth is over for another year.


I actually didn't gain weight over my vacation. That was a nice little surprise on the scale tonight. I'll probably be lower in the morning. Also, I met a guy at the airport.

Yes, the airport. He works there, he's one of the guys that direct planes and waves that orange glow stick. I met him at the bar; he was ordering food on his lunch break. I was drinking a screwdriver to calm my flyer's nerves. He came right over and we started talking. We've been texting every day and have plans to meet up next weekend. We'll see how it goes.

I'm always talking to at least 3 guys at any given time. It's funny.

If only I was that close with my girlfriends.


.Think Thin.


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