well hello

well hello

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eating issues

Hi my name is tiny waist

Happy New Year! 2012! I just got back from a great date with J. and now I'm hanging out about to go to bed. Today was good, J. and I spent 8 hours together. We went to dinner at this great little vegetarian hole in the wall restaurant, that I picked out because he had asked me where I'd always wanted to go.

I ate a falafel (why oh why did I go for something deep-fried??) sandwich which was only partially mortifying. Have I ever mentioned my severe dislike for eating in front of people, especially guys, especially guys I like?! I am in constant fear of looking like a pig or having food around my mouth or crumbs on my shirt or food in my teeth. I wipe my mouth with a napkin after every bite, like an obsessive. I swish water in my mouth when I take a sip of my drink (always water or alcohol), to "clean" my teeth. I feel like a freak upon reflection. It's only eating...right?

As if.

I can't even think. I'm distracted with thoughts of J. and fragments of our conversation. Did we really just spend the day together? Yes. We sure did. And I had fun. I enjoyed our time together. I can see us falling in love. It's weird. I am basically astounded by the whole thing.

I am going to bed soon. I must end this. But first, I hope everyone had a nice new years eve and day! I definitely had a blast!!! I was hungover on the 1st though. Oops. This does happen every year, at least since I've been 21.

Think thin!!


Ps. My stomach is positively grumbling. Should I give in? Nah, don't feel like it.

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