well hello

well hello

Monday, January 16, 2012

Do you ski?

I pulled out the measuring tape today after I showered. I've lost 2 inches around my waist and 1 inch around my hips since last summer. I'll call that progress. I'm doing something right.

Sorry I disappeared for awhile there, I've been so busy. J. and I are finally "official". We've seen each other consistently every weekend for a couple months now. It's weird, but feels right. I actually really like him! He wants to take me skiing in February (I've never been) and we would be staying in a hotel with our friends (another couple who recently married). He thinks he can teach me but I'm convinced I can teach myself. I read a lot, there's got to be a way.

Or, there's you sexy people. Any skiing tips/advice?? PLEASE share.

I bet skiing is a great workout..


So, it's Monday and I'm leaving for work in 20 minutes. Another week closer to Spring. I really can't wait for warmer temperatures. We've had (somewhat) mild weather here, for the area, but I don't like bundling up and being freezing all the time. But, I can keep working on my body and by the time it's bikini season, I'll be looking stunning.

Will you?

Think thin!



pursuit_of_happiness said...

congrats on the boy!! ugh way to bring up summer lol im trying to just make it thru the week!! haha

Pretty-Unpretty said...

Skiing is easy, you can pick it up within a few days. The skills side comes the more you go. Im heading off skiing in Feb aswell. Just work on your balance, try and keep your legs together and move the bottom half of your body to turn keeping the top half always facing downhill.


Sophie said...

Wow! Good job on your inch-loss! Do share your secrets with the rest of us :) Happy to hear things are going so well with you and J.