well hello

well hello

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I don't want to be in love

I'm doing better. I woke up today 2 pounds down from Monday and that is a (slight) relief. I can't let myself get that bad, I need to stay in control. I am currently drinking coffee and doing laundry. Work soon. I am angry though, about some shit that went down at work yesterday. Hopefully nothing carries over to today. I honestly am just so done caring what anybody thinks. You don't like me? Fine, stay away/don't talk to me. Don't care. I'm there for the paychecks and health benefits..

Of course the drama I'm describing revolves around D., this guy I've been crushing on for months. He's a flirt. I could get into it, but I don't really want to/care enough. I tried showing him the light...I even sexted him. He is not doing anything about it, getting shyer and shyer around me it's sickening. But he can flirt for hours with this fat annoying bitch. OK D. Whatever.

Two days until the weekend and I really can't wait. I just need to NOT BINGE this weekend, lol. I can be strong, especially if I put on my bikini and go the beach or something.. Oh and it's Father's day on Sunday of course. So I need to buy him something.

God I'm in a shitty mood like always lately. I need to get laid I think. Or I could count my blessings. Or not.

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