well hello

well hello

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One always has options

There are three things on the horizon that I want to do, but I really don't see them all happening due to money, time, and my lack of vacation hours. There are advantages and cons to all.

1. Move out. I've started looking at apartments. If I do this soon, I will not have the money for...

2. Music festival next month that all my friends are going to. I went last year and had a blast! My ex will be there though.

3. Visit my sister and nephew down South. It's always fun to travel, and I miss them like crazy.

Choices, choices. #FirstWorldProblems, I know. I just want to be smart about spending. My gut tells me to stay living at home for the summer, so I can more freely buy a concert/weekend camping ticket and a plane ticket.

And then what though? Make the big move out this Fall...would that be my best option? Can I really last living at the place where even my shrink thinks is "psychologically damaging"? I'm repressed and inhibited, but I'm able to live comfortably, spending on what I may, not paying utilities, etc. Maybe I'll just sit back and relax/vacation the next few months...

Sounds like a plan.


Current weight: 135. Disgusting. I'm so fat. Trying like hell to starve myself back to 130, my ideal weight.

Think thin, think smart...


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Anonymous said...


get a life!

or eat something! will make you feel better!