well hello

well hello

Monday, October 29, 2012

Early to rise

Oh hey, I got a job. Finally, right? (It's only been two months, but that was two months too long of a time to not work). I'll be a teacher aide at a daycare/preschool about 30 minutes away. The salary is way less than I was making, plus no benefits for 3 months...either way this is GOOD, so YAY!

I'll be working mornings, e a r l y mornings haha, starting at 7AM. Fuck my life, I've worked nights for years. Today I woke at 8:30AM and currently feel like a zombie; I'm going for paperwork and fingerprinting. Wow. I can't even form a coherent sentence on this blog right now.

Tips on waking up early please my loves?! 

THINK THIN! I'm going to lose some weight on this job! I won't be sitting on my ass all day. I'll be moving around and chasing children, etc. I've decided that I would like to lose 5 pounds before Thanksgiving! The "healthy" way! ;)

More later!


Anonymous said...

Tip: Get used to it! That's really all I can say. The body does get used to it after years of it and when you know you have to there is no other choice and you just do it. Try to get to bed at a reasonable time the night before depending on how much sleep you need. Congrats on the job.

Seeking Something Else said...

Congrats of finding a job!
I bought a lamp timer - the lamp plugs in, and then the timer plugs into the wall - and I set it to go on a little before my alarm. That way there is light when I wake up. Because honestly, it's hard to feel alert in the early mornings especially in the winter because it's dark. Also, if you are snooze alarm addict, build that time into your morning. If you have time some light exercise might help too. And as Miranda said, you just have to adjust, your body will eventually.