well hello

well hello

Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm approaching my mission to thin with renewed vigor. I downloaded the Lose it app to my Android phone (didn't realize they made Lose it Android-compatible, last time I had it was on my lost-in-the-fire  iTouch). I have it set up for me to lose a pound a week. I'm ready to lose ten pounds in two months (or less). I can do this.

Work went well tonight. I will be working with some thinspo-riffic girls (and guys!) and I won't be sitting on my ass, that's for sure. I'll be running around the store and lifting and burning calories, woo! The worst part is that it's only part-time and I really like a regular routine. Looks like my hours and shifts will vary but I'll figure it out.

Think thin.

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