well hello

well hello

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sick and I Quit

It's Monday, after such a fun weekend full of partying, and I'm sick as a dog and no call-no showed at work. I can feel my parent's disappointment in me but I have to do what's right. We all have different ideas of right and wrong and something was telling me to leave my job before I got in too deep. Since I only worked there for a week I will not bother listing it on my resume. I am not too ashamed but it feels lame to be back at square one. After all that. Who knows what's going to happen next.

I haven't heard from C. in a few days, he told me he is currently facing a bout of depression. I've been there, I know the lows. It sucks but I am trying to be understanding. My ex J. just added me again on facebook. We were all hanging out on sat. and apparently his new little relationship isn't going well. I had a feeling he might come crawling back and according to him, he "really likes" me still. I have heard that before but we will see.

I'm not jumping into anything just yet. I need to nurse myself back to good health and ace this interview on wed. I can do it. I will not be brought down. I will follow my intuition. I need some hot tea. My stomach is gloriously empty...liquids only for the day.

Sickly Sar

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