well hello

well hello

Friday, October 18, 2013


Well today was my last day at work in the office. The past two weeks have absolutely dragged and so did today, it all culminated to a very emotional goodbye. I breathe in ragged sobs, my heart dances across my chest, and my head spins on its axis. And yet...I know this is right. I still do not have another job but I will find one. I am not scared or even numb...just indifferent. It's sad saying see you later to nice people but I will not miss the industry.

What's next for me?

Where will I go from here?

Is it up to fate? Or do I have free will?


Loaded questions for a Friday. I think I'll do the dishes and get myself pretty because my friend is headed over and we're going to happy hour. The happiest most bittersweet hour.


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