well hello

well hello

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ever been to Oslo?

I'm feeling quite thin today. It had to be noted. See Sar, you are not a fat failure all the time! The only good thing about stress is lack of appetite. I literally cannot binge when I'm stressed. It's just not fun.

Yesterday: bagel (breakfast), salad (lunch), wine (dinner).
Today: tortilla (90 cal) and carrots w/hummus (90 cal). This was brunch.

Plus coffee, obviously.

I don't feel hunger, just hipbones.

OH! I tried on my bikini yesterday for the hell of it. It's an old one, I've had it for about three years, but it's still cute and not faded or anything. Anywho it looked pretty damn good on me. I must say, for a 27 year old. I will not be embarrassed on the beach or by the pool, I will be confident. Righteous!

I'm going to finish a couple of chores. get ready, gas up the vehicle, and hit the road for my day drive. It's a nice sunny day and I'm feeling alright with the world. Later!



Bella said...

Hooray for thin days! They are definitely worth noting :) And hell yes for feeling confident in a bikini! Gah, I miss summer already.
Have a fabulous day! xx

Anonymous said...

I have been to Oslo! It's damn cold winter.

Yay for feeling thin. : ) I'm turning 27 in 2 weeks. At my heaviest...you will be my inspiration for now. : )