well hello

well hello

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Waiting Game.

Straining my back once more, I sit and I stare. The glow of the screen torments my eyes, as I shift again. I am sitting here, waiting for him to arrive. My prince.

Why do these things happen? Life is a coaster I have never rode before, unexpected leaps and notions twirl tauntingly in front of me. I move slowly sometimes, feeling my way, almost blind. Other times I go go go without stopping or thinking. No consideration, much contemplation. My nights string along in between my days, starting early and ending never. My dreams plague my thoughts, de ja vu is a surprise, a pinpointed moment in a malicious nightmare frightens me and causes hesitation in every move. Screams. Silence. A head that won't quit. It aches and it plunders. I feel a twister demolishing my cells. I can't feel my heart, unless it races or palpitates. If it vanishes, stops, then so do I; my body becomes a heartless shell. Is reality so different?

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