well hello

well hello

Friday, January 16, 2009

Me again, still high.

I am back, about two minutes after I searched for this blog using Google. I searched for my own blog; no keywords, just the facts (the title).

I have this funny feeling that what I say now will not be taken as seriously, considering I just finished typing a blog five minutes ago stating that I smoked. Smoked what, you may find yourself asking, in which I would reply, in a quite obvious tone of voice, pot. I like it! I like to write and talk about it. Smoking helps me out; it is there for all problems, gently listening and providing a warm glow around everything I see. Never a solution, always an easy fix. I type this with ease, I understand the truth, and the words about pot rhyme and wrestle for the spotlight. I am not the Eggman nor the walrus, however I am a woman that is not hurting anyone right now. I am alone in my bedroom, typing my thoughts into a laptop. Talk about lonely. The truth is, sometimes I use my mouth and my words to get the best of someone. It can and has turned horrendously bad, brutal, volatile; I am unable to shake the unforgettable feelings of betrayal and hurt that I have caused and also had sent my way.

When I sit and smoke by myself the only person I can hurt is me. Sometimes I deserve it, for my stupid behavior. A great example of this is quitting my job almost three months ago. These past months have been long and I've been so broke, so unbelievably broke. So I can reflect, ruminate, whatever. The bottom line is I screwed up, and I have not fixed it. I need to turn this shit around, and yesterday!

It's difficult to know where to end a blog, or to start for that matter. I need to change my attitude.

I need to change my fucking attitude. OK sorry, fellow bloggers. We are good people. I am going to fix this, and soon. No lies, just the truth and nothing but. Talk to ya later, sexy..

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