well hello

well hello

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cardio does the body good.

Hey there! I just chugged an iced coffee and feel quite jittery! It is 9:30 at night and I'm about to get ready for a bonfire with some friends. I think I'll get drunk tonight.

Wow I am seeing spots in front of my eyes, that's weird.

I did some organizing/packing today, which feels great. I am moving next week! Crazyness! Can't wait! Me and my kitty will be cast back out in the real world, and I'm looking forward to the challenges I will be facing in coming months.

My weight is pissing me off. The scale says 136, which is unbelievable to me, but I don't FEEL so fat, maybe because I've been eating decently. I am really trying to stick with this, not even just to be thin... I mean being thin is obviously extremely important, especially in this day and age, but I feel my motivation changing.

Lately I've been worried/obsessed with the quality of the food I choose to ingest. I am deathly afraid of MSG (a food additive that contributes to food addiction used in the USA) and have been spending some time reading about it, and what foods have it. It's in freakin' everything! And in some/most cases it causes developmental issues, mental illness, and other scary things.
I might just blame my MSG consumption when I was younger on my ADD. When you're a kid (at least for me), it's way too easy to find the foods marketed to kids: colorful junk food with cartoon characters plastered to the front to draw the young in.
I remember eating bright pink "Gogurt" which is "yogurt" in a tube with all sorts of chemicals, flavorings, and colors added in. I also remember flavored apple sauce and fruit roll ups and lots of candy and boxed foods, like potatos and macaroni and cheese, and sliced turkey lunch meat. Yes I used to eat that shit when I was younger and I can't hate myself for it, or my parents for being slaves to advertising and buying it, all I can do is educate myself and stay far, far away from it now.

Holy shit I just did 200 jumping jacks (good advice ST) and now I am out of breath and sweaty! Dang I need to quit smoking. Ah well, we all have our vices.

Time to shower!

Love ya'll, thanks for reading.




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Flushed said...

email me and I will find yoU! FlushedAgain@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

after reading your post, i went and looked up MSG
although i've always known about it and known it was bad, i've never done much research into the matter. thanks for the tip!