well hello

well hello

Monday, July 18, 2011

New plan

I ate like shit this weekend. Today I woke up hungry, which angered me. How dare I feel hungry when just last night I ate so many goldfish crackers and 2 reese cups and cookies and licorice? Thankfully I did not give in, I did not eat. I am bloated now, due to last night and the fact that I'm retaining water because of my oncoming period. These are fun times, my friends.

However! There is a bright side. I have designed a new plan for myself. My student loan debt is out of control so I've been brainstorming ideas like crazy. I could die or try to pretend I lost a spouse in 9/11 or I could go back to school. I'm obviously choosing the school option because I like to learn and I don't feel like doing anything rash or illegal.

So here's what I am going to do: take 2 classes this Fall (part time status), 2 classes in the Spring, and (hopefully) get into the Fall 2012 Nursing program!! All at my local community college! The classes will be reasonably priced so I will pay for them with cash and my credit card, no more loans until next year when I enter the new degree program. I won't be adding to my debt just yet, but I won't be paying on it either. Sounds like a win-win situation!

I can quit my terrible full time soul sucking job and waitress part time somewhere, ALSO, I can defer all of my student loans! Ahh, my breaths are coming easier now.

So that's my plan, and I'm sticking to it. Tomorrow I will get up early and head over to the college to talk to someone from admissions.

I need this, you guys. I need to better myself. Also, RN's make decent money. Assuming I get into the program and can find a good job after, I will have no problem eventually making large payments on the $70K I owe to the government. I have been considering the nursing thing for a few weeks now, and it just hit me today that I could jump back into school part time this Fall and defer my loan payments. I've never gone part time so I think it will be good for me. I will have less classes and more time to prepare for them. I just know I will succeed.

I plan to take a (desperately needed) math class and some sort of english class. I will be able to use the gym and pool. I will (hopefully) meet some new friends, I'm getting so sick of my old ones.

Time to shower and head to work. The knowledge of my decision will propel me through this day. I can do this, I can stick this out. I can get through this day with a smile on my face and an excited butterfly in my stomach, a secret desire in my heart.

Think thin! I'm (obviously) restricting hardcore today due to yesterday's madness. So far I've had a few fresh cherries and 2 cups of black coffee, also some water. I probably won't eat before work and I'll have a small salad and some more fruit on my lunch break. Love to you all.




Thin is in.


Anonymous said...

If you can get by on part time money there is no reason to work full time as working full time pretty much sucks. I do not have the stomach for nursing and don't like touching people I don't know otherwise it's something I might consider. It's always nice to have a plan. Good luck with it.

Lita said...

Your plan sounds fantastic! Good luck to you :)

Cally C. said...

Great plan! And you'll make up for you weekend eating... I always find that right before my period I have the WORST eating habits.