well hello

well hello

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Am I wrong?

Today was the last day of school. I am officially working one part time job at 12 hours a week. I'm done being scared. Bring on the uncertainty.

Men, they come and go. Life is a series of people leaving. You know what this means...after a great date last week things with Jake have officially fizzled. Like I knew they would. Sucks being right.

Am I wrong? Could be. He could still care. I don't know, we held hands last week. We kissed rather passionately. We talked. Now it's me initiating text convos and him asking me to hang at midnight. I'm not your midnight booty call!!!! Today I asked him to take a walk around one in the afternoon. His answer was no, maybe later. I responded with "forget it!".

Over it. Trying anyway.

There's always music thank god. I'm obsessed with music.

Feeling thin today. The stress of being poor and heartbroken kill my appetite every time. Sadness is my muse. I've been writing more poetry.

The day looms ahead, long and frightening in it's unpredictability. So I'm going home. I will bring laundry. I will chat with my dad and mom and brother. I will hopefully get some money from them.

My body hurts. I'm hungry, haven't ate a thing today. Can't though. Why fucking bother.

Have a great day loves.
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