well hello

well hello

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Everything changes all the time. Whenever I go to write in this blog I realize that so much has happened it's impossible to put it all down in a few paragraphs. So I don't bother.

I'll leap into last night. M. asked me to chill and I went over there. It was groovy. We were doing lots of laughing and then we made out. He actually has me kinda hooked still.

Then I drove home and texted Jake. We went for a long walk. And...kissed. Not quite a make out sesh. He was super shy and actually shaking.

I kissed two guys in one night and that was not the first time in my life. I think it's normal to hook up with a few people at the same time when you're single.

In comparing the two, I prefer M. tenfold. There is just so much more chemistry.

Jake and I are friends but that's it.

I had therapy today, tuesdays every week. It's been going good. My therapist, Shannon, is a smart lady. I appreciate her guidance.

I've had such an insane craving for bbq sauce. I actually bought some today. Also vegetarian "chicken" nuggets to dunk in the bbq sauce. I had one serving (300 calories) with lots of bbq sauce. I have no idea why this craving is here but it's not gone yet.

New neighbor downstairs with loud ass barking dogs. At least two. Haven't met her yet. Already planning to move because I'm so annoyed by them.

As soon as I get a job.

Have a great day.
xx S

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