well hello

well hello

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I was beachside?

Yeah right, I wish. I am so not feeling a bikini. Although I am sure I would look better than some other chicks, bigger than me, but that don't mean shit when I am putting the suit on and looking in the mirror with shame. Nope, not ready for all that. I am avoiding the beach for now.

I am also avoiding people. Why, I wonder. A good guess would be because I am just so addicted to smoking up by myself and reading online for hours. I mean, that does not sound like too bad of a hobby. I am reading, for the most part; I am more than adequate at skimming articles or stories for what is intriguing to me.

The reason I wanted to write is because I have been doing ok, foodwise. Today I had a handful of blueberries, a light vanilla yogurt, 2 kudos (100 cal) bars, a banana...and the BIG offender.."slush" at work. It is basically cookie cake, with frosting, chocolate syrup, and chocolate chips. Oh heaven, it is delicious as sin and equally bad for me. I enjoyed it though, and my light eating is coinciding nicely because I am aware of the mistake I made.

I chose to eat.

It was break time, mind you, I only worked 6 hours today. Six lousy hours, and I had to eat on my break? Can't even go six hours without giving in to the munchies? It's bullshit, and I am over it. Ugh barely. But tomorrow is another day. The problem is, I am tired. I don't even feel like going out tonight for that bar party. I could go to sleep right now.

But I probably won't. It might be fun to go out, and see what is going on with the world of |blank|, my college town. Ahhhhhhhhhh.


labellethin said...

Offering you support - I really liked reading what you had written so far in your blog, you are honest & talented with how you write.

Sar said...

Well thank you.