well hello

well hello

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hydro Ponics

Good Morning. This is my last full day of classes. Forever. I feel surprisingly excited, like, let's get this over with. Yesterday I finally managed to get my ass to campus (I couldn't on Monday or Tuesday because of all the snow) and met with all my teachers, boy was I teary. My eyes were welling up every five seconds and I am sure they are all a little sick of me at this point.

And I am sick of them.

I'm sitting here, watching the news, sipping on green tea, and smoking a bowl. The weather guy is calling for more fucking snow. UGH please stop Mother Nature, please end this madness, please, please.

Yeah, I'm high.
So I am supposed to turn in this paper today at two. I am not, I decided to turn it in tomorrow. I have not even started it. I have not read any of the required materials and I have not made an outline. I have three classes today so I am going to make a strong attempt to squeeze in some paper time. I don't give a fuck anymore wait yes I do. I need to. I am not done yet.

I lay awake last night, thinking: two papers, two exams, and one project. Five things. I can do this.

I feel greasy and gross. Time to get ready. I've got to leave so early because of the snow. It's almost comical.

Be smart about food today...no binging. I want to fast but sometimes I worry that fasting when I'm expected to *perform* (when I'm writing papers and such) won't help anything. I need all the brain cells I can get, since I'm killing them daily with my undesirable vices. I will write this paper today and I will restrict. Yesterday was a decent day but it's over and now it's time to focus on what is important. Restriction is actually good for you. I've got my plan; I've got my purpose.

Think thin :)

Natalie P. is amazing! Anyone see "Black Swan" yet?



Anonymous said...

can't wait to see Black Swan. It's all the buzz right now. I love ballet and i love Nat!!

Cally C. said...

Don't worry about weed, it doesn't kill brain cells. There's all kinds of research on it, an that's an old wive's tale.

And I am SO excited for Black Swan as well!

Good luck with the end of your classes!