well hello

well hello

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh hi


And I'm flying down south this week! I'm going by myself to see my sister and baby nephew and I can't wait to get away from this bitter, bone-chilling cold.

I took some pics of me today, I plan to write a longer post later with them included so you can see my "progress".

I've been counting calories obsessively. I list everything I eat and then add up each day's totals and keep those separate so I have two lists. It feels good to see it in front of me.

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping warm! Can spring be here soon??

Stay Strong!

<3 Sar


Anonymous said...

i'm quite the obsessive calorie counter especially now that I have my handy dandy phone app! Have a nice WARM trip!

Haven said...

Waiting for the pics:)