well hello

well hello

Friday, February 4, 2011

Honestly Sar

Living finally caught up; alas, I'm sick. My appetite is gone and my skin is gloriously pale. I'm resting up to go out later and I'll defy the pain with alcohol. I missed partying with my friends last weekend because I was in another state (literally). I'm dying to make up for it with a weekend of awesomeness and bad decisions.

As for the present moment, I took a shot of "day-quill" and smoked a tiny bowl. I am currently forcing myself to eat a bit of honey nut cheerios with almond milk in an attempt to keep my energy up. I'll make some coffee perhaps, and sip it black.

Guess what? Flushed gave me the Honest Scrap Award!! =)

Because I'm so kickass. (So is she).
Without further ado,

10 Random Things About Sar 

1. I dress well and consider it something that makes me stand apart from my friends. I like fashion.

2. I've never taken a women's studies class, but think of myself as a feminist.

3. I had a white poodle growing up. He was the best dog, and when he passed away I wore black heels, a black mini skirt and a tight black short-sleeved v-neck to school, in memoriam.

4. My bedroom at my parent's house is light blue. I love blue. It's a great, relaxing color for bedrooms.

5. I smoked my first cigarette, alone, in the old tree house/play fort in my parent's backyard after sneaking out of the house late at night. That moment marked the beginning of my rebellion.

6. I am somewhat of a hypochondriac. I always think I'm sick and dying.

7. I love to read and own tons of books. Boxes upon boxes :)

8. I've tripped on LSD. Only when I was away at college. Ironic, isn't it?

9. My wrists are the skinniest part of my body. They are tiny, bony things.

10. I enjoy when I have dreams about me having sex. I wake up, recall, and smile.


There ya go, some honesty. That was fun. It's always good to identify with oneself. It's imperative that we discover and self-cultivate.

Here's to me fasting my sickness away.

Think thin~

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