well hello

well hello

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Morning everyone. I have health insurance now (thanks Obama!) so I went to my doctor the other day for a physical. I left with four prescriptions. She gave me amoxicillin and ibuprofen for my sinus infection (yep) and xanax and zoloft for my depression/anxiety. I haven't touched the latter. I'm dead scared too. Weight gain is a side effect and I'm in way too much denial to take crazy pills.

I have been taking the other stuff. Been sleeping like a log. Starting to feel a bit better thankfully. Currently flying on some strong coffee and about to leave for work. I missed two days again this week.

D. and I texted a little and he insisted that he hasn't hooked up with that other girl. I am caring less and less. Also, M. and I hung out the other night for like four hours at my place. We were sober (at first) which was a first - until we blazed. Then we had two beers. Then we kissed. Remember M.? Apparently this is still a thing.

Go me, "hooking up" with two guys in just over a week. No sex. Lots of tongue kissing. It feels good to be desired, even if it's only sexually.

Gotta bounce. Peace!

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Katie Elizabeth said...

Yay for health insurance. Don't look at them as crazy pills. Look at them as a way to help. I wish my doc would put me Xanax. It would help better with my anxiety. You and your boys =) Feel better soon.