well hello

well hello

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Philosophy reading for today.

I made an attempt to complete it, a small attempt, but two paragraphs in and my mind was swimming. It probably does not help that I am listening to John Lennon wail about his Mother on Youtube. Somewhat distracting, but such a beautiful song that I cannot bring myself to turn it down or off. So here I am, 30 minutes before class, blogging instead of studying. Typical! I just switched to "Give Peace A Chance", so inspirational and moving. John is incredibly dedicated here, he makes me blush, I want to follow him, do what he did, change the world. He is amazing, such a hippie though, haha. Long hair, a huge smile, glazed eyes, a positive, befuddled message. I am smiling. Nothing better.

Allison Hedge Coke, a visiting poet, is reading tonight; I need to see this because I missed Joy Harjo. I love poetry and poets and poetic images.

Guess I don't have too much to say, my mind is everywhere right now. Very hard to focus. See you later, blog! Peace!

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