well hello

well hello

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Well hello.

Here I am again, the same chair, facing the same direction, my feet are propped up and my back has grown stiff. I love the internet. That post last night cracks me up. I was hammered. I literally passed out cold maybe a half hour after. Two bottles of wine and two beers plus a nice empty stomach equals a wild time ending with unconsciousness. I paid for it today of course. Restless, I kept running to the bathroom and throwing up even though it was 1:30 pm before I actually "got out of bed". My head hurts. I finished my entire bottle of water without using any of it to take pills. I have been binging on everything lately. Food especially. I get these intense cravings for sugar. First it was fast food, I got myself Arby's one night, donuts the next, McDonalds fries after that, milkshakes from Burger King. Yeah this was in the span of maybe 3 days. What a pig. Then it was candy, I would go to the school store and fill up on sweets, or get ice cream (only once thank God) from Cranston, oh and I devoured a whole bag of candy corn - my kryptonite. I fucking love it. Thank you thank you thank you stores for only selling it around October. I literally cannot find it anywhere. My throat hurts and I am trying to figure out why. I smoked a cigerette last night and several in days before that. I even bought a pack, this is a classic example of me binging. I "quit", or so I told myself, but it clearly didn't last because I have zero self control. That is, when it comes to sex. I can control myself quite well when it comes to s-e-x. Maybe because I have not had the greatest sex experiences; how disappointing and true.

No more binge talks. It's time for food porn. I am deranged. Oh and no homework done yet. Ahhh get on track, girl!

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