well hello

well hello

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ha this is a joke.

Is it weird that I researched foods with a laxative effect? And then went to the store last night to buy said items? Is that strange? Normal? Because I have no idea how people feel about this type of thing. I like bm because I feel lighter...Fuck I am an alien; I am unrecognizable through the mass of stickiness that encompasses my mind. I am a stranger with eyes that see through solids and a bendable heart. I can be invisible or I can shine with diamonds and glow in the dark. "Deep water, deep water, senseless denial" - Modest Mouse. [Stick in the mud rally gatherer stunt stun stuntastic leadership tricka-daisy moose mouse looks like looka loop leap gada gardener and savvy sweet sasquatch. Rickety tickely lick splick itty chicka noxxasaka. dreamboat feel fresh fantastic fabulous fuckable fuck-nasty "lucky lucky lucky me again" - Modest Mouse again. Stringa ling along. Sting a lang a long and looptitude.]

That^ is not English & especially not any kind of tribute to Gertrude Stein. That is me writing words that come to mind quite randomly, while listening to Modest MOuse on Youtube. Wow..

Yes, I am stoned.

Yes, I am fat!

Yes, I need to STARVE!


Stick Thin said...

so what are said laxatives?

i get weird when i'm stoned as well. and you aren't fat

Sar said...

"And then went to the store last night to buy said items?"

Just using an expression here, "said items" being the food described in the previous sentence. I break the writing rules muahahaha.

Hmm. Looking back at your comment again, maybe you mean what foods did I buy? Sugar free candy! My sweet tooth always wins : / Also chocolate covered prunes..LOL.. yogurt, bananas, aaandd mini chocolate chip cookies (yikes). Ok time for my health kick to restart. Thanks for reading babe

Stick Thin said...

yeah i was wondering which items :) I'd love love love to be friends :)


stay strong!!!