well hello

well hello

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Right on

Tonight is the night, everything's gonna be alright! Just shaking in my shoes over here. Partly from lack of food, mostly because me and J. are going to watch that movie tonight! At his place haha thank the good lord. I wasn't ready for him to come here, although I did clean. He is apparently dog-sitting whatever the fuck that means who cares I'm going there. Yay! What should I wear? I'm sorry, I'm treating you like a real close friend because (1) you are and (2) I need to talk/type to someone!

But oops! I was going to have dinner with my friend K. but sorryyy I don't eat dinner today so we'll have to catch up another time :) She (understandably) is ignoring my texts now but oh well K. don't you see I'm on a mission to thin

My head is splitting, I'm quite hungry. Today: apple. yogurt. 

:) :)

That be it, yo.

It's five at night! So I'll maybe have a little oatmeal or another apple or something before I go there so my stomach doesn't growl when we're sitting close. But I'd declare today a good day, intake wise. 
I had a counseling session today. *sighs*
It's draining. I never talk about my e.d. There's too much other ground to cover.

Subject change*

J. J. J.

Omg. Ohhh Emmmm Geeeee!

Nah, it's cool. I'm feeling ghetto today. I'm losing it, I am doing laundry and smoking a little right now. I want to lie down and just chill but I'll wait until I'm laying in J.'s arms. If I lay in his arms. Maybe it'll be awkward. Maybe it'll feel all wrong. Oh, I could drive myself crazy with every little worry and what-if. 

I bought a sweet tapestry for my wall. It. Looks. Sick!
Gotta love turquoise.

Gotta live this flying high feeling of thinness.

Stay strong*


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