well hello

well hello

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sleep doesn't come so easy

I gotta be quick. It's quarter after six in the morning and I'm leaving for class in twenty minutes. I am halfway ready, from the waist up. Pjs pants are too comfy to take off right away.

So. I'm bloated today and yesterday and the reason is that it's "that time". Great. Feelin' sexy.

I hung out with J. last night. We went to the beach and smoked a blunt. He is a fast walker. I found myself wanting to leave after we were high. Maybe because we were in close proximity to a factory (isn't that ghetto?) or maybe because he is too young for me. I want so badly to believe that age is just a number, but it's undeniable that with age comes experience. I am experienced and expect/want my guy to be at my level. I guess it'd be ideal for our intelligence to match and for our brains to work similarly but don't I really just want everything to be easy?

1200 calories yesterday.

I wish it were less, but today is a brand new day. I met with my film class teacher yesterday and she told me I was doing fine. That's good to hear, but what about my other classes is what I want to really know. Midterm grades will be up in approximately a week.

Here come the stomach cramps. Good thing I'm smoking a bowl. I popped my midol (of course) for the bloating, hope it helps. Water will ease the process.

Have a great Thursday :) Or, if it's over already, good night :)

I'll be hanging with J. again tonight I think. I'll give this another chance. Yes there is a connection but I don't know. It's weird now. I'm weird.

No food yet this morning.

I'll make it a low calorie day.

* Think thin *



Camille said...

What changed between your last post and this post? In your last post, you wanted him. Are you ok?

Cally C. said...

HOW do you smoke and not eat???

marsh.sara said...

from your last post it seemed like you really like him. but i know how that goes. good luck!