well hello

well hello

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm feeling really depressed. If one more thing goes wrong I may just pop. I binged tonight and I hate myself for allowing binge foods in my apartment. I bought things like cookie dough and microwavable pizzas. I ate so much, and then I ate one laxative. I really should just puke but I don't have the energy.

I deserve to suffer with this fat stomach of mine. I deserve to hate myself all day tomorrow for tonight's recklessness. I am so behind in school. I am losing it.

Get me the fuck out of here, will you? I need change, I need help, I need guidance. I'm falling.

I hate me I hate me I hate me I hate me I hate me I hate me I hate me.

Yell at me please. Hurt me with your words.


Crushed and Created said...

I won't yell at you, because you are too beautiful too be yelled at. I hope my words will make you happier though. Because honeslty, a binge is a binge and one doesn't really matter. Just throw out the food, and try again tomorrow. There's no point beating yourself up over food, because food is too disgusting and vile for a beautiful creature like you to waste her thoughts on (:

Honor Regzig said...

Can't yell at you without also yelling at myself. I have also been Piggy McBingerston the past 2 days. I also am in a school stall.
We suffer together.