well hello

well hello

Monday, November 1, 2010


Were you good? I avoided candy all weekend until I got home last night. I binged on a few "mini" candies (mini snickers, mini skittles, mini starburst, mini whoppers). Yes, I know. Disgusting. Thank the good Lord it's over but ladies this is just the start of the Holidays. Goody.

My stomach is full and I am sure I will be using the bathroom shortly. I will be fasting today to make up for last night's candy binge. It's getting easier to go long periods of time without eating. I did it Friday. Friday I was so hungry I was shaking. I ended up going home for the weekend.We partied! Both nights! So I suppose my booze intake counts but I am mostly concerning myself with limiting "solid food stuffs".

It's a little before eleven in the morning and I am having a hard time waking up/putting together a clear thought. I took some Advil PM last night so I could sleep soundly. I slept ok, but with vivid dreams and I did wake up a few times, only to roll over and pass back out. But whatever. I don't exactly feel rested but I don't feel UNrested either. Ugh. This is a boring post.

Time for some smoke then.

I'm not going to push myself super hard today. I lost a lot of sleep over the weekend so today's goals are thus: Attend one and only class.
Unpack from the weekend/get organized.
Avoid food.
Clean up a little.

There, that's not bad. It's nice knowing the craziness won't start until tomorrow. Today is J.'s birthday. Maybe  I'll see him, maybe I won't. We hung out twice last week. That's enough about him. I am trying like hell to "forget him".


I think the reason I like blogger so much is because I feel literally connected to others (you). It gets lonely living alone. I like hearing from you. I miss having close friends. It was great seeing my girls this weekend but the distance really does wedge a hole between us. We're not as tight as we have been. But I understand my situation is temporary. Soon I will be back in the area. Soon. Six weeks and I'm a graduate. Sexy.

Of course there were pictures. My friend put some up on facebook from Friday. Haha I was a "school girl" and my legs look slim in the pictures. My arms and stomach need toning.

I am a work in progress. I have not been happy with my body in a long time. I was thinner a year and a half ago, before I started purging. Isn't that odd? I see the pictures and feel sure that I was thinner then. I am done comparing. It was me, I'm me today. I hate my body but doesn't everyone? I just want to be better/look better/feel better so I'm going to keep on keeping on.

I'm going to try to be thinner like really really TRY. I just need and want to stop hating myself. Once I look better I know that I'll end the sabotage I pound into my head through words. Once I am thinner everything will be better.

How cliche I am. What's happened to me?

Welcome to November.

Let's make this a good month.

Let's make this a good day.

Fasting is easy if you tell yourself how strong you are for staying in control.

Think thin*



Anonymous said...

i'm fasting right now too :)

we can do it!

you know whats amazing for fasting? veggie broth.It's only 10 cals a serving. amazing stuff and you get to have it warm and it fills your stomach.

when we are thin people will see how strong we really are<3

Emry said...

I avoided candy until last night also, but I had told myself ahead of time I could. I <3 the Blogger community for the same reason! I feel more free to discuss things here than I ever could in 'real life'. Hope you have a great Monday!

Cally C. said...

I totally FUCKED up Halloween, so don't feel bad.
Good luck with your fast, lovely!